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A sellers pack is required to be produced for properties being sold within France. This consists of numerous reports which are attached to the preliminary sale contract. Below we outline the more common reports.

Energy efficiency:

As of the 1st November sellers are required to provide a diagnostic of the Energy efficiency for the house being sold. This diagnostic is established prior to the signature of the preliminary contract and must be provided for all properties. The object is to encourage reductions in Greenhouse emissions in accordance with the Kyoto treaty and encourage property owners to burn less energy by making improvements to the insulation of their homes and encourage them to use more renewable energy.

The report features two ratings, one for efficiency levels and the other for pollution. The scale is based on a European norm of A (best) to G (worst). The report is valid for ten years. Recommendations are made in the report for ways of improving the consumption and emissions.


The law of the 8 juin 1999 obliges the owner of any property to report the presence of termites that they may be aware of to their local mayor. Many departments in France require an obligatory control to be done on a house when it is being sold and this document attached to the sale contract.

Gas installations:

As of the 15th November 2007 all properties being sold with a gas installation over 15 years old is subject to a control ensuring that it conforms with regulations and lays out any related risks.


This is required for all properties constructed prior to 1949. The seller is responsable for providing a report relating to the accessibility to lead. Measures are taken to establish the lead content in all painted materials in the house and its condition of deterioration. The control is intended to be informative as young children are at risk if they peel off paint containing lead and then put it in their mouths. The report is valid for one year.


A report is obligatory for any property for which the building permission was issued prior to 1997. It must be provided prior to the initial sale contract. This report indicates the presence of any asbestos used in the building or contained in any materials.

Natural risk:

There is also new legislation which requires a report to be produced relating to risks of natural events such as flooding, seismic movement, drought, areas at risk of exposure to high winds, land slides, avalanches etc. This document is attached to the act of sale.

Swimming pools:

There are regulations in place to ensure that there is a suitable dispositive (alarm, fence or cover) installed on any in ground pool. A report can be attached to the preliminary conract covering compliency with these regulations.

Loi Carrez:

Apartments also require a survey to determine the correct surface area being sold.

Electricity installation:

Electricity is the most recent addition to the ever increasing list of surveys that are required. Since January 1/ 2009 for all properties constructed more than 15 years ago, a seller is required to produce a certificate detailing the state of the electrical installation which should reveal any anomolies. 

The Main areas of control are:
¤ the main fuse box
¬§ presence of suitable circuit breakers with sensitivity to a differential current. 
¤ suitable placement of any installations within bathrooms and kitchen area or within the radius of any water supply.


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